Angalia Bianca

IN DEEP is a brutally honest account of Bianca’s true life story.


On book shelves everywhere October 2, 2018.

Available for pre order at:


A Chicago hero’s mission to stop violence in the same streets where she once struggled to survive

Before Angalia Bianca became one of Chicago’s foremost authorities on violence interruption and prevention and before she received international recognition and was honored by the City of Chicago, she was a criminal, a master manipulator, a brilliant con artist. Bianca spent twelve years in prison for forgery, embezzlement, drug dealing, and theft. But now she has gone far beyond the expectations for recovery to a life of service fueled by an unrelenting determination to make a difference. Bianca was once a gang member; now she puts her life on the line to interrupt gang violence. For thirty-six years she was a heroin addict; now she mentors people in recovery. She was homeless; now she appears as an invited guest, speaking across the country and around the world. Bianca crawled out of the deepest hole imaginable; now through her work with CeaseFire/Cure Violence she climbs back down to change lives. In Deep is a blunt, honest look at Bianca’s life. Her mind-blowing stories take readers deep into a life of grit and gang violence that seems inescapable. Her story is at once fascinating, terrifying, and ultimately full of hope. Readers will be inspired by Bianca’s climb out of the depths of depravity, and by her commitment to those facing the worst that the city of Chicago has to offer.




6 thoughts on “Angalia Bianca

  1. Christine Bianco

    I’m extremely proud of all that she accomplished and at the same time I feel so sad where she was . I guess at some point I gave up on her . I am ashamed that I gave up on my big sister . I love her so much and I’m greatfull she is back .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are my love and my baby sister forever. Never feel ashamed of yourself because I’m the one who walked away, I understand . The main thing is that we are making wonderful memories together now and I am happy to be back in your life. I love you so much Crickie ❤


  2. Tracy Fiorenza

    Can I just say that I stumbled across this hidden treasure known as Bianca and she is absolutely amazing! I am a high school teacher in Chicago and I am happy to have had the opportunity to invite Bianca into my classroom! Bianca’s warming, empathetic personality, along with her natural ability to build rapport with students makes her a valuable asset to any organization looking to reach out and make a positive difference with at-risk youth! The students absolutely love her! We all do!


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