A glimpse into the dark life of a heroin addict

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~Angalia Bianca~


11 thoughts on “A glimpse into the dark life of a heroin addict

  1. Javier

    Wow, what a story. I, too, have a similar story. I’m 38, my past consist of gangs, addiction (opiates) and a 12 year stint in prison. Once released I caught an addiction for 5yrs, had a son. Had DCFS remove him from my custody. I am sober, working and now have full custody of my 6yr. Son. Thank you for sharing your story. You’re very brave.


  2. Chris Griffin

    I’m absolutely speechless, speechless. Can’t imagine what life was like for you. So happy you overcame the addiction to drugs, but unfortunately for everyone like you who wins the battle there’s several who loses(Carlos). I can go on and on about the story your telling, but not that much space for what I want to say(all positive). Enjoy your life and live it to your best. That’s all you can expect from yourself. Last thing. You look totally different, like you never been on drugs. Wow! Try to get a book deal, then a movie deal. People would love to see what you overcame to be here. Have fun.


    1. Thank you so much. I am in the process of finishing my book and then publishing it. Hopefully it will be released sometime towards the end of this year. I have completely dedicated my life to helping others not go through what I went through at my own hand and I am particularly devoted to Young at risk youth and high-risk young adults in the inner-city communities in Chicago and Beyond. Your words are very encouraging and I thank you and I appreciate you.
      Peace, Bianca


    1. I eventually lost all of my children. Thankfully my family was there to raise them. My first child was in my custody until he was about 12 though he spent many days and nights with my grandmother while I was out getting high. He saw the complete downward spiral of his mother which scarred him emotionally. My other four children we’re very young when I gave them up. So for the most part they don’t remember having a mother they only remember my family. The pain of them growing up without a mother throughout their life also affected all of them. After I changed my life around I was able to reunite with all 5 of my children and my family. I had not seen my children or family for over 16 years. Life is so precious and I realize all the years I wasted. I made such bad choices that led me down a very dark path and I couldn’t find my way back. Today I make good choices and I don’t take anything for granted. I relish every single moment and memory I make with my family. Thank you so much for visiting my page and commenting.


    2. Hi Lila,
      I know all of my children we’re hurt and affected by the bad choices I made and through my addiction. Thankfully my children all ended up in good homes at an early age with loving parents and for that I am grateful.
      Thank you


  3. Caroline

    I am writing a journal about the affects that children have growing up with parents who weren’t able to give their children the best home. Can you talk about each of your children and how and where they were when they WERE with you? What happened? Were foster homes involved?


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