“Angalia Bianca is one of the most impressive individuals I’ve met not only since becoming an Illinois State Representative, but in my life. A focal point of my work has been criminal justice reform and support for re-entry services, and she serves as a constant reminder of the potential effectiveness the system can have in terms of rehabilitation”

~State Representative Kelly Cassidy-14th District Illinois

“Angalia Bianca has a strong work ethic, commitment to the community and a unique skill set. The circumstances of her life and the manner in which she has changed are reflective of a person who not only can easily relate to the people in the community but who will provide them with inspiration to change their lives. In participating with Bianca at various neighborhood events I have witnessed her ability to interact with the community in a very positive and professional manner. Bianca possesses a deep commitment to violence prevention and a dedication to improving the lives of the youth in our community”

~Senator Heather A. Steans-7th District Illinois

“Angalia Bianca is really a rising star”  “I don’t think she’s gotten started in what she’s going to accomplish.”  However high she rises, it is from nearly unimaginable depths.

~Neli Vazquez-Rowland, President & Co-Founder A Safe Haven Foundation, Chicago, IL

“In addition to her natural and warm presentation style, Angalia Bianca has a very inspirational story about her personal experiences and transformation. She is able to talk comfortably about issues such as homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, community re-entry, recovery and preventing recidivism. I highly recommend utilizing her as a presenter, lecturer or guest speaker. She would also prove to be a very capable consultant on projects dealing with any issues I listed above”

~Joseph Strickland, Senior Researcher, Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research/University of Illinois at Chicago

“Angalia Bianca’s discussion of her life story and her work in the community was outstanding. In fact, having spent nearly eight years as a student in higher education at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, and having heard countless lectures and guest speakers within these and other settings, I can state without qualification that Ms. Bianca’s presentation was among the very best that I have ever had the privilege of experiencing and could be aptly described as powerful, engaging, complelling, funny and inspiring. Ms. Bianca’s combination of public speaking skills, ability to engage with a diverse audience, and compelling material are quite uncommon and make for one of the absolute highlights of the semester”

~Rob Aspholm, MSW, Doctoral Candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago


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